Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project 365 - Week #6

Ahhh...what a week. I'm glad the week is over, but I could really use another day to my weekend.
This week started off with Emily getting sick. She woke up Friday night with a high fever and just not feeling good. We took her to the doctor Saturday morning to learn she had strep throat. She ended up with a strep rash Saturday afternoon. She was well enough to go to school Monday. Monday morning I got a call from her school letting me know it looked like she (and her whole class) had hand, foot, and mouth disease. And Brad left town Monday morning. Awesome.

Here's a quick rundown of our week:

Saturday, Feb. 4 - Emi and Daddy craft time. Emily was sick, but from time to time she got enough energy to do something. She was playing with her dot paints / markers. Brad was making her a necklace.

Sunday, Feb. 5 - This is her reaction when we told her it was time to take her medicine. Crying, screaming, hands over her mouth, running to the other room. Yep, we had to pin her down and force the medicine down her throat.

Monday, Feb. 6 - We made our own paint (flour, water, salt, and food coloring). Emily loves using the bottles to make big puddles.

Tuesday, Feb. 7 - Emily and I treated ourselves to cupcakes one night. She picked one with blue frosting. And she was a happy little girl.

Wednesday, Feb. 8
Yep, no picture this day. I think this is the first day I forgot to take a picture :(

Thursday, Feb. 9 - Time to thrown a fit. I remember this had something to do with not eating her dinner and wanting candy. Not exactly sure how it all happened, but she eventually ate her green beans (which she loves) and got her candy. I have a video of the fit, too. I'll post that another day.

Friday, Feb. 10 - Emily and I spent Friday morning at the Children's Museum. She had a great time running around playing and exploring.

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