Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fun Day Friday!

Fridays are my day with Emily. The director at Emily's daycare calls them our "Friday Fun Day!" I try not to put pressure on myself to get stuff done, but to really spend my time with Emily. We spend time playing outside - either at the park or our back yard. We spend time making a mess around the house. We spend time just hanging out.Now that she's starting to get a little older (tear) there are more and more activites for us to do.

The past couple of weeks we've gone to the zoo and the children's museum. The zoo was wonderful because Emily loves animals. She would get as close as she could and wave to each animal. She was so excited to pet the goat and the horse. Roaring at the lion was big-time fun. And trying to pet the white tiger might have made her day. Oh, making monkey noises at the monkies was pretty cute.

The children's museum was fun, too. It was so nice to just let her walk around and explore the different areas on her own. She loved pushing the grocery cart around, pressing the button to make noise in the ambulance, and playing with the bubble machine.

And then there's the park. Emily loves being outside and going to the park. She's perfectly happy if I just let her wander around the big, open field and explore. But she loves going down the slide, too. The bigger the slide, the better.

I'm going to have to find some fun, indoor activites for winter. I can only handle talking her to the mall playground so many times.

And yes, she wears that TCU shirt a lot on Friday. Fridays are TCU purple day around here.

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  1. One winter weather activity idea is to visit your buddy in FLORIDA!!



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