Monday, November 15, 2010

The Joy of Crashing Your Computer

There are some good things and bad things about getting a virus and crashing your computer.

Yes, I managed to crash our computer. I was just looking for a cute little Christmas outfit for Emily. One that has the adorable little ruffles on the pants. But, I can’t justify paying $50 for an outfit she’ll wear once (maybe twice). So off to the internets (yes, I said internets) I went. I was searching away one night and some how, some way, I managed to get a nasty virus on our computer. As soon as I thought there was a problem I just shut the computer down. Brad got on the next morning, and started to question what I was up to. Ummm….let’s just say there were some new icons on our desktop and they were a little graphic.

Brad tried, and tried, and tried to rescue our computer. But he finally gave up when we got a “physical memory dump” and “blue screen” error. We were able to get the most important files off of the old computer (thanks to an external hard drive). However, I know if  we didn’t get it all.

The good things about crashing your computer beyond repair (ok, it could have been repaired, but the computer was five years old, the monitor was coming apart, and keys were missing) – is that you get a new computer!

The bad thing is that it’s expensive!

The good thing is that this new computer is super fast and fun to play with.

The bad thing is that it’s expensive and we still aren’t sure if we were able to save everything.

The bad thing is that shopping for a new computer is a pain in the butt! Sure, we could have built a Dell online, but we didn’t want to wait that long. We went to six different stores searching for the best deal. We found what we wanted at store #5 but the sales guy was a idiot and we walked out of that store without a computer.

The good thing is – I have some new software that makes it easier to blog and edit pictures.

The bad thing is that it’s expensive!

In some ways it was nice not having a computer at home for a little while. It was amazing how much more I got done around the house! This new computer will spend more time in the office and less time in the den.

Now that we are back in the computer business around here – maybe I’ll be better about updating the blog. Smile

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