Saturday, August 21, 2010

12 Months (just a week late)

In typical fashion, I'm late getting Emily's monthly check-in post up. Sorry about that.

Emily is now 12 months old. That's 1-year. That's 365 days. She's no longer a baby - we've entered into toddlerhood. We have a very sweet and independent little girl on our hands. She knows what she wants and is bound and determined to get it.

This month's highlights include:
- walking backwards
- still wears mostly 12-month clothes, but can wear some 18-month dresses
- got moved up to the next room at daycare
- understands more words and instructions
- has 7 teeth and we are working on several more
- loves brushing her teeth
- started whole milk (she's not a huge fan)
- has started throwing "fits" when we tell her "no" or don't let her do want she wants. We've learned the best way to get past the fit is to ignore her.
- has developed a little crush on Diego. Dora and Diego are on the cups on yogurt she has every morning. Silly Emily LOVES Diego. She's always pointing to him and smiling. And will pick a Diego cup over Dora any day. 
- had her first popsicle
- her birthday party was a huge success, minus the smash cake ~ more on that in another post
- We've moved her to a front-facing car seat in Brad's car. We are still doing research on car seats and trying to find the right one for my car. We need to figure it out quick cause she's about to outgrown her seat in my car (length wise, weight is not a problem). 
- at her 12-month check up she was 30.5 " long (90%), 20 lbs, 1 oz (30%) and her head was in the 70% (don't remember the measurement). She grew 10 inches and gained 12 lbs in her first year.

Happy Birthday, Emily Kate! We love you!!

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