Thursday, February 17, 2011

18 Months!

Yep, Emily is 18 months old. She's quickly going from baby to little girl. It's so cute, so much fun, and so challenging.

She has started talking more and more. Some of it I understand and some of I haven't the slightest clue. Some of her words include:
Moe (more)
Baby (baby)
Baby (Pelly - her stuffed pelican)
Baby (her blanket)
Baby (Banjo - our dog)
Eaa (eat)
Peas (please)
Tant Tou (Thank You)
Mimme (mickey - means she wants to watch Mickey Mouse)
Nonie (Brad's mom)
Pawpaw (Brad's dad - his "name" is Peepaw)
Mimi (my mom - her name is "Gumi")
Shelsh (Shelly, Brad's sister)
Par (park)
Daw (dog)
Bahh (bath)
Cheee (cheese)
Phay (play)
Wawa (water)
ou-side (outside)
....and more that I'm just not thinking of.

She can also be a big goof ball - as long as she very comfortable with whom ever is in room. She'll dance, run in circles, make silly faces, and just make you (and herself) laugh. It's a completly different story if she's not comfortable with someone in the room. - then she's so shy.  However, no matter how shy's she is she will always say bye-bye and blow kisses when someone leaves. So adorable.

She also has quite the temper. We've had a peek into what is coming with the "Terrible-Two's". These tantrums aren't going to be fun. Emily has thrown a couple all out-kicking-screaming-laying on the floor-crying fits. Ignoring little Emily, like most kiddos, has been the best way to get past them. Most of them are short and sweet, but those that's aren'! Brad looked at me during one of them and said, "Make it stop!"

She LOVES being outside. She stands at the back door saying "ou-side." Anytime a door opens, she trying to get out there any play. The park is her favorite place. She like the playground, but would rather walk around, splash in puddles, and enjoy the outdoors.

I love our little redhead and I'm so excited to see what the next 18 months have in store for her and our family.

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