Monday, June 14, 2010

10 Months!

10 Months Old!

So what has little Emily been up to this month:
  • Walking! Emily took her first steps earlier this month. She walks more and more everyday. Before long she'll be a full time walker. She can even step up and down the step in our house.
  • Swimming. Each time she's in the pool it's a better experience. We hung out in our pool Sunday and she LOVED it.
  • Got sick. Poor little thing had pink eye and strep throat. She's all better now!
  • Eating more solids. She's doing better with her food - but it's still a challenge. For breakfast she has yogurt and a blueberry waffle, lunch is a sandwich and fruit and dinner is always different. She's picky about what she eats - but it's getting better. If she doesn't want something, she just throws it off of her tray.
  • Wearing size 9-12 months clothes. Now that she's walking it's so much easier to put her in some of the dresses she has.
  • Loves her swing and can point it out. Emily LOVES her swing. We bring it in everyday and Emily knows where we keep it. When she wants to swing, she points it to. She would stay in that swing for hours if we would let her.
  • Waves bye-bye, hello and night-night. It's really cute.
  • Can sign all done, more, eat. We aren't really pushing much sign language - but she has picked up on a few words. 

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